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What you can and can’t do with Melbourne’s easing COVID-19 restrictions

As coronavirus cases continue to decline in Melbourne, Victoria, Premier Daniel Andrews has lifted some lockdown restrictions. Here’s everything you need to know.

Melbourne has officially entered the second phase of Victoria’s step out of coronavirus lockdown.

This means there is no longer a curfew in place and small groups can now meet outdoors.

While many measures will still remain in place for a few more weeks, Premier Daniel Andrews said he expected Melbourne to take the third step on October 19 – a week earlier than originally scheduled.

“This is a strategy that is designed to get us to a COVID-normal Christmas,” Mr Andrews said.

“We are well on track. In fact, we are ahead of time when it comes to achieving that outcome.”

Until then, here’s everything you can and can’t do with the new easing COVID restrictions.

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Public gatherings

Public outdoor gatherings are now limited to five people from up to two households. This excludes children under 12 months.

You still can’t meet people outside of your 5km radius.

You can’t visit people at their homes unless they’re an intimate partner or your nominated “single social bubble’ buddy. You must wear a face mask to every meeting.

Face mask usage

Face masks are still mandatory in public across Victoria.

It also must be a fitted face masks, which covers the nose and mouth, meaning scarves or face shield will not be permitted.

„Some of the concessions we made as we adjusted to this new normal — things like wearing a scarf or a bandana or a face shield — will no longer apply,“ Premier Daniel Andrews said in a statement.

Fitness activities

Outdoor personal training is now permissible, with a limit of two people plus one personal trainer.

Outdoor pools can now open for exercise purposes, but changing rooms must remain closed.

Other forms of outdoor exercise that don’t need a facility will also be allowed. Examples include fishing and hiking.

Dining out

Restaurants, cafés and other hospitality venues are still only allowed to offer takeaway and delivery services. Sitting down in a restaurant or café won’t be allowed until step three of Victoria’s roadmap out of coronavirus restrictions.


You can now shop for essentials like purchasing groceries, with other members of your household. However, you can still only venture out for essentials once per day.

Weddings, funerals and religious gatherings

Outdoor weddings will now be allowed with up to five people, including the couple, two witnesses and the celebrant.

10 people can attend a funeral, not including the people needed to conduct the service or children under 12 months.

While places of worship remain closed for now, outdoor religious gatherings and ceremonies of up to five people, plus one faith leader, are now allowed.

A maximum of five people are also allowed to attend a place of worship to broadcast a religious ceremony.

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