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Health warning: The gross reason you should never wear socks to bed

Wearing socks to bed is one of the grossest things you can do, according to researchers. But be prepared, this is some dark news.

We have some alarming news for all sock-sleepers out there. If you make up the 18 per cent of people who wear socks to bed, you’re likely bringing faecal matter and a tonne of bacteria with you. 

Yep, extensive research from MattressNextDay found that your socks are filthier than your TV remote, and your toilet, too. In fact, your socks are 20 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Grim.

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“We swabbed different pairs of socks to discover what bacteria could grow on the material after being worn from 7am until 11pm. Each person wore the same socks while wearing shoes, working out and going about their daily business,” the researchers explained, adding that just 30 per cent of sock-sleepers put on a fresh pair before getting between the sheets.

“The socks contained the same bacteria that can be found on cockroaches and in their faecal droppings.” 

Pseudomonas aeruginosa, can be commonly found on cockroaches and in their faecal droppings, researchers said, and urged those who are immunocompromised to think twice about their sock habits because this particular bacteria can cause infections that affect airways and urinary tract.

Athlete’s foot is also an issue for people who wear the same sweaty socks they’ve trudged around in all day, to bed.

“Our feet have around 250,000 sweat glands – so on an average day, our feet are likely to sweat. Even more so during the spring and summer months.

“If you wear your socks from waking up to the next day – and work out and do a lot of walking in between – that moisture can build up and the bacteria that causes athlete’s foot can start to develop.”

Gross. So, so gross.

Funnily enough, sock-sleepers who opt for a clean pair do reap a lot of benefits – but we’re talking ones that have just been pulled out of your sock drawer.

Apparently, sock-sleepers get more rest each night, are less likely to snore, and even reach orgasms more easily. 

S0 if you want to unlock the benefits without bringing germs into your bed, we suggest reading up on these tips from the experts:

  • Always wear fresh, clean socks to bed that haven’t made contact with surfaces.
  • Always make sure you wash your socks, and any underwear for that matter, at 60 degrees. “This temperature will help to kill any bacteria, viruses and even get rid of tough stains,” researchers explained.
  • Wash your bedding at this temperature due to the amount we sweat at night.
  • With the cost of energy at an all-time high, researchers suggest drying your bedding outside. “Drying outside will also help your bedding last longer.”

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