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How this OnlyFans creator’s hormonal hack earns her $40k a month

OnlyFans star Evie Leana has increased her earning capacity by almost twofold – and it’s all thanks to understanding her cycle.

Playboy model and OnlyFans creator Evie Leana has more than a few surprising facts to share.

For one thing, the mother-of-four hasn’t had any surgical or cosmetic enhancement, although it’s something that often shocks people when they find out. 

“I know it’s very common in this industry,” she says, “I do use filters on my photos, but my body and face is all-natural.”

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Another surprising insight? It was her daughter, 20-year-old Tiahnee, who convinced her to join the platform after herself finding success as a creator. 

 “She said she thought I’d do well at it,” explains Evie, who hasn’t looked back since launching her OnlyFans career.

But it’s the way the Adelaide woman (who makes upwards of $40k a month on the adult platform) harnesses her creative energy that sets her apart. A firm believer in working with the natural ebbs and flows of her cycle, the 38-year-old entrepreneur prefers to film content while she is ovulating. 

“When I’m ovulating, I feel like making content,” she explains. 

“I feel like going to the gym, I feel like dancing, I feel fit and sexy and like my body is begging me to have sex. I book an apartment during that time – for around five days or so – and film as much content as I can.”

“I’ve been tracking my cycle for a few years now and it’s been life-changing,” she continues.

“It’s helped me to be in tune with my body and plan my social calendar accordingly, as I know during the luteal and menstrual phase I might not feel like socialising and I like to allow for downtime. I plan work that doesn’t require me to be as active or use too much brain power as I can be mentally and emotionally exhausted at that time of the month.”

Evie Leana is one of a growing number of women using an understanding of their cycle to maximise their career success, in a strategy known as ‘cycle hacking’. 

Lucy Peach, menstrual advocate and author of Period Queen: Life hack your cycle and own your power all month long, loves to see it.

“Cycle hacking at its heart is about knowing where you are in your cycle first and foremost, then giving yourself permission to accept that,” she explains. “Then, it’s about using what you have.” 

The concept involves using knowledge of the ways in which your cycle affects everything from energy levels to creativity and extraversion to make the most of whatever phase you might find yourself in.

“For me, it’s always about reframing for power,” Peach continues.

When it comes to ovulation, Peach agrees it’s an excellent tool to harness. 

“Society has been so hung up on the blood part of the cycle that we’ve neglected the real heroine – ovulation,” she explains.

“Research shows that just before ovulation, with peak oestrogen, women and people who menstruate (who don’t use hormonal contraception) are six times more motivated. Think new business plans, increased capacity to build muscle, brain connections, rearranging furniture spontaneously. I call that the ‘Do Phase’ – time to slay.”

“Then, with ovulation at the peak of the cycle it’s afterwards, with a massive progesterone influx, that we can feel our most expansive and expressive. I call it the ‘Give Phase’ because from an evolutionary perspective you are wired for connection and support. Progesterone is the hormone that holds and takes care of things.”

For Evie, who has seen an uptick in subscribers since employing the strategy, listening to her body in order to live her best life – both in terms of productivity and in times of rest – just makes sense.

“My income has been all over the place, up until recently,” she explains.

“I was making anywhere from $25- $40k per month. I made $60k in one month, which was my record. Now, especially since hiring an incredible assistant,  it has been consistently growing and meeting every target.”

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