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Kate Middleton’s Key to Recovery After Abdominal Surgery Revealed

Kate Middleton has undergone what is speculated to be a major abdominal surgical procedure. Here’s why The Princess of Wales’ healthy lifestyle will be the biggest aid to her recovery. 

The official Instagram page of Kensington Palace released a statement today updating the public on The Princess of Wales’ health. 

Reporting the mother of three had been admitted to the hospital the day prior and undergone abdominal surgery, the statement serves to explain the senior member of the Royal Family’s absence from her duties over the coming weeks. 

Aside from being described as ‘planned’, the specific details of her surgical procedure have been omitted from the public statement, with the palace expressing a desire to preserve the Princess’ privacy for both her and her children’s sake

And while we could spend the day speculating, combing through the princess’ past public engagements for context clues, we’re far more interested in what her road to recovery will look like. 

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Kate’s secret recovery weapon

The comments section on the official post has been flooded with messages of support and concern for the princess, with members of the public wishing her a restful and speedy recovery. 

While the palace is keeping tight-lipped on the details of the Princess’ operation, most abdominal surgeries are generally considered to be particularly invasive procedures.  

But, The Princess of Wales, 42, has always appeared to be in excellent health, with British tabloids flaunting her active lifestyle and healthy diet across every major publication. 

We only need to look back on those glowing images of the Princess addressing the public on the steps of St Mary’s Hospital only hours after birthing each of her children to recognise this woman’s enviable ‘bounce back’ ability. 

But, what impact will her long-enforced healthy lifestyle have on her recovery during this time?

The advantages of living a healthy lifestyle

While we don’t know the specifics of the Princess’s operation, given her expected 10 to 14-day hospital stay, and the expected time off from her public duties over the upcoming months, it is unlikely that her procedure was a minor one. 

Many factors contribute to an individual’s recovery journey after a surgical procedure, with the success of a patient’s operation and the length of their recovery period largely determined by their age, preexisting health issues and their diet and exercise habits.  

Research has shown patients with a history of frequent physical activity and good nutrition are less likely to encounter complications throughout and after major surgical procedures. Additionally, many health professionals encourage light exercise and movement following in-hospital procedures. 

“I think anybody getting ready for surgery, if they can increase the level of physical activity and improve their nutrition, they can expect that they’re likely going to have better outcomes after surgery,” Daniel McIsaac, associate professor of anaesthesiology and pain medicine at the University of Ottawa shares with the Washington Post

While there’s no shortage of shots of the Princess donning a designer ballgown at an official event, she just as comfortable sports a pair of trainers and a high pony at her active public engagements. 

The Princess is a keen supporter of promoting an active lifestyle, being a Royal Patron of several local and national sporting associations, such as SportsAid, The Lawn Tennis Association and The Rugby Football Union and League. 

Ever the public servant, the statement describes the princess as apologetic, saying she is ‘concerned for the fact that she has to postpone her upcoming engagements.’ The Palace has stated any major updates to the Princess’ condition will be reported if deemed necessary, with the Princess hoping to return to her usual schedule as soon as possible. 

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