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Sunburn leaves Victorian woman hallucinating and covered in blisters

An Aussie woman suffered extreme pain when she sustained severe sunburn after wearing no sunscreen at a music festival in Victoria. 

An Australian woman is ringing the alarm after she was sunburned so badly that she hallucinated and broke out in blisters that made her look like an “alien.”

“It was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced,” Cas Flynn-Troy, 22, told SWNS of the “horrible” ordeal.

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The smouldering incident occurred December 31 after the boxing and pilates teacher had reportedly been reeling in the 75.2-degree heat at the Beyond The Valley festival in Victoria.

“We went into the festival at 3:30 p.m., saw some acts and then came out to eat,” recalled the Aussie, who works in marketing. “We were sitting outside in our pyjamas.”

Despite applying sunscreen several times throughout the day, Flynn-Troy started hallucinating and feeling pain in her legs.

“I remember thinking, ‘Why are my legs hurting?’” the reveler recalled. “They just felt hot and they were swollen.”

She added, “I was holding the material of my trousers away. My legs were tender.”

Flynn-Troy initially chalked up the symptoms to the fact that she’d been dancing for three days straight.

However, she realized that wasn’t the case after returning to her tent and rolling up her pant legs to see that her stems were “bright red.”

Alarmed, Flynn-Troy decided to report to the medical tent, where doctors administered painkillers and poured cold water over her legs.

However, the patient wasn’t out of the woods yet. When she returned home, she felt exhausted and her legs broke out in grotesque orange boils like chicken skin in the oven.

“It was so ugly. The blisters were huge.” Flynn-Troy recounted. “It felt like an alien was on my legs.”

The Aussie reported to the hospital, where medics drained the blisters before sending her home.

“It’s peeling now,” said Flynn-Troy, who has been resting her legs ever since.

She now carries four sunscreens with her at all times and is meticulous about making sure her legs are covered.

In light of the sweltering saga, Flynn-Troy is warning others to protect themselves at all times as well.

“I wouldn’t think this could happen. People say you don’t burn your legs,” she cautioned. “Check the UV rays — even if it’s raining. Even if you tan it’s still damaging your skin.”

This damage can entail a lot more than a few blisters too.

This past spring, another woman from Australia claims she has been diagnosed with three different types of skin cancer since 2009 after tanning religiously in her teens.

This story was originally published as ‚I got a sunburn and started hallucinating — it felt like an alien was on my legs‚ and republished with permission.

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