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These health and wellness terms have officially been added to the dictionary

Over 3000 new terms have been added to the Macquarie Dictionary, and it appears that half of them came straight from TikTok.

Remember your trusty old Macquarie Dictionary from primary school? It turns out it’s trying to stay relevant- with the quirk and banter Aussies use to make sense of some wildly new experiences! And boy, have we had some over the last few years.

How would you put the past three years into words? Would „Barbiecore“, „goblin mode„, and „spicy cough“ make your cut? Because these cheeky terms just scored a spot among 3,000 new additions to our favourite Aussie lexicon’s ninth edition.

It does seem a little like the Macquarie Dictionary is playing cultural catch-up, but knowing you can drop ‚goblin mode‘ in a year 9 essay with the Dictionary’s approval is rather amusing – and it does make you wonder exactly how a word ends up in the dictionary. 

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The managing director of Macquarie Dictionary, Victoria Morgan, told The Guardian that the word hunt for new additions to Australia’s vibrant vocabulary is perpetually on. According to Morgan, the method for identifying new entrants is to look for terms that both „fill a hole“ and are commonly used by Australians on a daily basis. 

Morgan stated that editors must „always have our eyes open,” adding, “It doesn’t matter whether we’re reading or watching or listening to something for pleasure, or for work. Anything that seems a little bit unfamiliar, we’ll jot it down and research later.”

Anyone is welcome to reach out and nominate new words as well – so we suggest keeping your eyes peeled for any words that particularly tickle your fancy.

Morgan anticipates that the full multivolume dictionary will be available soon, but in the meantime, here is the glittering new lineup so you can brush up on some brand-new entrants.

Spicy Cough: First, we have the „Spicy Cough“ – a sassy little nickname for the not-so-sassy Covid-19, and Morgan’s favourite of the bunch.

Situationship: Next, enter „situationship,“ which is all about the thrills and frills of a relationship without the „partner“ label. 

Bachelors handbag: Oh, and don’t forget to grab a „bachelor’s handbag“ – last year’s people’s choice winner, depicting nothing less than a takeaway roast chicken in all its glory!

Ick: But wait, there’s more! Ever found yourself experiencing a sudden case of the „Icks“? That’s when your once-charming beau suddenly seems less than charming.

Doomscrolling: Let’s not forget the infamous „doomscrolling“, where we can’t seem to get enough of the latest online melodramas, despite their grim tone.

Omicron: Do you need reminding? Probably not. With a few changes to the genetic makeup of the original Covid-19 strain, the „Omicron“ variety made quite a dramatic entry on the world stage.

Long Covid: Meet „Long Covid“ the prolonged encore to the Covid-19 pandemic that nobody asked for.

Menty B: If you’ve ever felt a surge of ‚Menty-b‘ coming on, you’re not alone. That little storm of mental tantrums and breakdowns feels impossible to avoid. 

Orthosomnia: And then there’s „orthosomnia“, the insomniac’s nemesis, in which the pursuit of that perfect night’s sleep via a sleep tracker turns into a nightly torment of dread.

Goblin Mode: „Goblin Mode“ is a sublime state of laziness and unkemptness, indolence and slovenliness – but sometimes, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Barbiecore: It’s doubtful that you missed „Barbiecore“ which was inspired by Greta Gerwig’s hit Barbie flick and the flurry of wellness and aesthetic trends that followed 

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