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Which supplements do you really need to take?

Whether you’re craving an energy boost, a calmer gut or a more peaceful night’s sleep, there’s a supp to suit. We tapped up wellbeing experts for the ultimate breakdown.

Think of a supplement as that twist of sea salt on your avo toast. It’s not the headliner but more of a support act.

We Aussies have clearly jumped on the supp wagon – a third of us pop one daily, according to the News Corp Health of the Nation report, and spend an average $58 on them each month. The Australian nutrition and supplement market is predicted to be worth $9.8 billion by 2030. But are they really worth your hard-earned coin, and how can you tell the must-haves from the hype?

Accredited practising dietitian Chloe McLeod is expertly placed to answer both of these questions. In a nutshell, she says, it’s important to look at specifics: “Supplements can be very beneficial for some individuals, particularly if there’s a deficiency of a particular nutrient, if it’s for a certain health condition or if we’re looking to enhance an area of their health.”

It goes without saying that food always comes first, and no supp can cancel out a poor diet or provide a Band-Aid fix. Always chat to your doctor, pharmacist or dietitian before trying anything new so they can make sure it’s suitable, safe and won’t interact with any meds you’re taking. Then, to ensure your money’s well-spent, here’s what you need to know.

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