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Yellow discoloured pillows never sleep

Pillows getting a little old and discoloured? Trust us, you’ll want to replace them after reading this.

It’s common knowledge that some things we come into contact with on a day-to-day basis are dirtier than we like to think. 

Our phone screens are covered in germs. Keyboards, too, are a breeding ground for microbes. 

But did you know that our pillows are just as likely to be covered in bacteria? In fact, one expert has revealed there’s one key sign that proves your pillows could be making you sick. 

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Dr Lindsey Zubritsky, a dermatologist based in Mississippi, posted a video on her TikTok channel earlier this month, where she shared just how bad having ‘yellow pillows’ can be for your health. 

You know when your pillow starts to discolour after a year or so, and shows a few marks? Turns out it’s not something you want to ignore. 

‚If you’re sleeping on a dirty, old, yellow-stained pillow like this, this could be hazardous to your health,‘ she said. ‚It’s actually an accumulation of dirt, grime and moisture that can.”


She went on to explain that this discolouration mostly comes from moisture, which could be from drooling in the night, sleeping with wet hair after a shower, oil buildup on your skin, heavy makeup or dead skin cells – which we all have. 

‚If your pillow is yellow, that can put you at risk for clogged pores, and cause breakouts and acne,” she said. And, if you have “sensitive skin, it could cause flares of things like atopic dermatitis, eczema and rosacea.‘

Want something else to keep you up at night? Zubritsky also explained that our pillows are covered in dust mites, and ‚These little mites love to eat up our dead skin,‘ she said.Thus, the more discoloured your pillow, the more dust mites will make a beeline for your bed. 

This is bad news for anyone with a dust mite allergy, but those without should be concerned too as it “means you could be inhaling them, their urine or their faeces.‘

Aside from it being just plain disgusting, it can also ‘inflame’ or ‘irritate’ your airways, particularly if you have asthma.

‘So, if your pillow looks like this, I’m sorry, but you’ve gotta get rid of it,‘ she concluded.

Despite the damning evidence, many commenters made it clear that dust mites or not, they wouldn’t be getting rid of their crusty old pillows. 

‚I’LL NEVER PART WITH HER,‘ said one. Another agreed, writing, ‚It’s yellow bc I sleep on it bc its my fave.‘

One person also comments, ‚I ain’t never givin‘ up my yellow pillow.’ 

We respect the loyalty but when it comes to clogged airways and pores? This sounds like medical advice worth following. 

Lucky we’re in sale season, right? We’ll see you in the bedding aisle.

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