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Health of the Nation report reveals exactly how healthy we are

We polled Aussies across the country about their health, food and fitness habits to get to the bottom of how our wellbeing is really tracking.

Australia has long been associated with a healthy way of life. An island nation, we’re surrounded by the sea, have the benefits of sunshine most of the year and access to an abundance of healthy fruit and vegetables. 

But despite our surf and turf culture and optimal living conditions, Australia is in the midst of a health crisis.

In our recent Health of the Nation report, we surveyed more than 3000 Australians about their health, food and fitness habits, along with the health issues that concern them most – and the findings gave us food for thought.

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While 80 per cent of people admitted they should be more active than they are, 60 per cent blamed a lack of motivation or difficulty sticking to a routine as the major roadblocks.

We’re also battling with high levels of stress and not getting enough sleep, with many of us prioritising short-term fixes to health problems rather than meaningful and sustainable solutions.

It’s well-documented that our sedentary lifestyle choices come at a cost, and research has found it’s leaving Australians susceptible to chronic illnesses such as cancer and heart disease, diabetes and dementia. 

But with crisis comes opportunity – and we’re here to help.  

Introducing, Health of the Nation

To help Australians transform their wellbeing in 2024, Body+Soul is launching Health of the Nation, a campaign to kick-start the change many of us have been searching for.

So, we’ve joined forces with high-profile trainer Sam Wood, the founder of 28 by Sam Wood, who’s worked in the fitness industry for more than 25 years. 

Our research shows there’s a growing gap between short-term motivation and long-term results. We need to do something to bridge the gap between starting the journey and keeping it going, but Australians still aren’t sure which health decisions are the right ones – an experience Wood is all too familiar with. 

“People overestimate what it takes to become healthy, and that’s a big reason they often don’t get started at all,” Wood tells Body+Soul. “On the flip side, others will try to do too much too early and get burnt out, injured or just find it unsustainable.”

Rather than the all-encompassing fitness programs that have become part and parcel with the industry, Wood favours a more long-term approach, making fitness easy, cheap and accessible for all. 

And now? He’s opening the door to you. 

Introducing you to the Health Club

To make 2024 your healthiest year yet, Sam Wood has created a FREE eight-week Health Club, and he’s offering it to Australians of every fitness level. All you need to do is sign up here and agree to the terms and conditions (which includes a marketing consent).

The 8-week online exercise and nutrition program comprises at-home workouts (no equipment required), meal plans and plenty of motivation delivered by Wood and his team – helping you to set habits that last a lifetime. 

Based on the workouts from the 28 by Sam Wood catalogue, the sessions include general, low-impact and advanced streams, making the Club suitable for for newbies and fitness obsessives alike.

But the best part is no credit card is required. Living expenses are steadily rising, and Australians are feeling it, but we believe that shouldn’t stop you from maximising your health – which, as we know, is the most valuable asset of all. 

The program kicks off on February 5 and ends on March 31, and we hope you’ll join us. If you join late, you won’t get the full 8 weeks – so make sure you don’t miss the start date!

Find out more here, or head to 28 by Sam Wood for a sneak peek.

Try our Real Age Calculator

Not only will you get access to Wood’s purpose-built workouts, but you’ll also be able to use our Real Age Calculator, to help you estimate your health age (biological) compared to your real age (chronological). 

The calculator has been developed based on methodologies used by the Mayo Clinic and World Health Organisation, and considers factors known to influence health, such as diet, exercise and medical check-ups. 

Check back here soon for access to the calculator!

We’re here to help

As always, Body+Soul will provide you with practical tools and information from leading experts to help you feel happier and stronger, and improve your overall wellness with just a few simple changes. 

From fitness and nutrition to mental wellness, sexual health and more, our content is designed to help you look better, feel stronger and live longer. 

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Plus, don’t forget to enter our Health of the Nation competitions, where you can go in the running to win some incredible prizes.

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