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‘Insecure like most people’ Sia opens up about liposuction

Australian singer Sia has just revealed her latest foray with cosmetic surgery this weekend, giving fans a candid glimpse into her changing appearance. 

For the majority of her musical career, Sia has championed her privacy, both on stage and in her day-to-day appearances. Since achieving mainstream recognition in the early 2010s, the singer quickly gained international traction for her unique style and approach to stardom, covering her face with elaborate wigs or singing with her back facing the audience. 

But over the past year, Sia has opted to forgo her usual veils of anonymity during performances and public sightings, displaying a newfound sense of confidence. 

In a 2021 interview with physician and author Gabor Maté, the Chandelier singer revealed lifelong physical insecurities– worsened by the scrutiny of being in the public eye– led her to undergo liposuction. Now, the star continues her quest for transparency with her latest admission.

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Explaining her decision to undergo additional liposuction to combat noticeable weight gain from an unnamed medication, Sia says her inability to shift the excess weight naturally (through exercise and nutrition) is the reason she has opted for the cosmetic intervention. 

“Please know that I am so lucky to have the resources to change the way I look and that when you see me looking crazy foxy again that I want you to know it did not come from diet and exercise,” she writes to her followers on X (formerly known as Twitter). 

Her candid admission attempts to lift the lid on the culture of secrecy that so many celebrities perpetuate. It’s also yet another example of the 47-year-old star displaying transparency to her fans about cosmetic procedures she’s had done.

In October last year, Sia openly discussed her experience getting a facelift while presenting an award to Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon Dr Ben Talei, “I’m a pop star that normally hides my face and doesn’t lie about s—. I got an amazing facelift from Dr Talei,” she revealed. 

Her candid admissions about procedures she’s undergone come after another year of exponential growth in the industry. Australians alone spent an estimated $1.4 billion on cosmetic procedures. 

As the number of surgeries and treatments continues to increase, the idea that the people undergoing them should exhibit transparency has also gained significant traction.

All across social media, creators are detailing their experiences– successes and failures–, learnings and honest reviews of cosmetic surgeries they endure in the pursuit of physical altercation. 

In her latest post, Sia echoes this notion of transparency, making a point to ensure her followers understand her motivations for undergoing such a gruelling procedure. Just as her wigs provided the artist with a sense of confidence on stage, she says her various cosmetic tweaks have helped her tackle her insecurities.  

“I want to be truthful about all of my procedures so I don’t contribute to the system that tells us we aren’t enough,“ she adds in her post. 

„I am insecure like most people and being in the public eye gives me anxiety, so I’ve made the choice to alter my appearance for my own confidence issues,” the singer adds.

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